we are hlx

Malaysia's First Innovation Exchange

Ecosystem for start-ups, scale-ups, corporates and the community

HLX is a safe space for innovative start-ups, ambitious scale-ups,
likeminded corporates and transformative technology partners to grow fresh ideas into game-changing business ventures together.

We believe that when the right ecosystem comes together, new ideas can quickly be incubated into viable, winning businesses.


Our mission is to drive corporate innovation
by harnessing the power of ecosystem and collaboration
Patience is not a virtue. We work relentlessly to bring tomorrow’s innovations today.
We focus on sparking innovation in 5 areas:
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Fintech & Insurtech
industry 4.0
Smart Cities
But we know we cannot go at it alone.
This is why we invite collaborators – innovative companies large and small, technology partners, government and researchers – to come along on this journey.

HLX flagship programmes

HLX accelerator
HLX A.I. Sandbox
HLX Academy

what we offer

Co-creation At Speed And Scale

Rapidly changing business dynamics calls for rapid co-creation at speed and scale.


This is where HLX comes in to incubate corporate innovation by curating structured interaction

points for partners to co-create transformative solutions.


HLX is the corporate innovation gateway of the Hong Leong Group. We also develop programs in partnership with other large corporations.

Fast-Tracked Access For Transformation

Backed by the Hong Leong Group, HLX offers start-ups and new ideas unbeatable access to diverse industries, from financial services to manufacturing, property, leisure, fast-moving consumer goods and healthcare.


HLX also offers access to the Hong Leong Group’s geographical footprint, across Asia Pacific and Europe. This access translates to opportunities to test, prototype and launch new ventures across multiple markets in a flash.

Capital With A Cause

HLX curates crucial funding access by leveraging on a network of venture capital funds, family offices, angel investors and corporate special-purpose acquisition vehicles. But this is not just funding for funding’s sake.


We believe in synergistic funding relationships that come with mentorship, advisory and money-cannot-buy networking opportunities.

Talent For The Future

The future is in people. This is why HLX is also the home for HLX Academy. This is where we steer the conversation on talent for the future.


HLX Academy’s mandate is to upskill Malaysia’s workforce of tomorrow by training tomorrow’s workforce today.


We do this through training programmes, structured internships, exclusive access for fresh graduates, skills certification and fulfilling career opportunities.

What we want


We want to collaborate and co-create with only ambitious start-ups, innovative scale-ups, transformative technology partners, likeminded corporates and the public sector.

No idea is too crazy if there is a vision for a better tomorrow.

Together, we know we can rapidly incubate an idea to become a transformative, entrepreneurial venture.

We are looking for partners to bring up

Business ideas that can thrive in
the post-pandemic world
Technology solutions that
are built for tomorrow
Deep networks in new consumer
and geographical market
Opportunities to collaborate on new
and emerging technology-driven ventures